We are Social Responsibility

We believe that social responsibility within a company is the key to being able to manage risks and maximize the opportunities that arise in a challenging world that changes constantly.


Our Approach

We work every day to bring our products all around the globe with the best cost-benefit ratio.

However we are committed to control and manage our economic, social and environmental impact in the regions and communities we operate, in order to guarantee the protection of the people and the environment.

At J. Global Energy, social and corporate responsibility is based on special management in which the ethical and socially responsible factor is of great importance.

Involve, respect and support communities is J. Global Energy´s philosophy.


We are Diversity

Our corporate diversity is our strength.
As a global supplier we employ and operate in a range of cultures, aiming for, and maintaining, a special purpose: adapt and work well with all communities.


We are People

We are committed to act as a model corporation in environmental protection and our responsibility is to protect the health and safety of all of those who are involved in our activities.


We Care

J. Global Energy has always looked to the future and aimed at being a step ahead concerning social responsibility.

We care about and respect the cultural values of our employees, encouraging them to support their community in many different roles.


Our Policies & Guidelines

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Actions